Well what is PowerApps?

Is this something like Power+Apps = PowerApps?

At this point of time, we know what’s app is. But how Microsoft emerged PowerApps to give a prodigious blow for the business? I would say Apps in motion with power of data that’s what Microsoft wanted to mean, I don’t know, may be!

Let’s see what’s Microsoft slogan is “Apps that mean business”. Additionally, MS has provided tagline with this “Turn your business expertise into solutions with ease. Give people what they need to drive results”.


If I improvise on my won, I would prefer to say “Apps in motion to empower your business” is PowerApps. Make sense? I like this definition based on the PowerAps offered features.

While I was searching across the globe and was looking for what PowerApps is, I found plethora of definitions and explanations. It’s not like that I am not happy with all the stuff I got, but to me it seemed bit scattered. Let’s aggregate the thing that people are thinking and try to find out what PowerApps is.

Please don’t feel like I have copied the content from other’s blog and pasted here, yes I did but in a different way, of course with different intention. I will elaborate of gem keywords I found here.


What Microsoft Blog Says, notice the bold words in each reference below:

PowerApps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobilewithout the time and expense of custom software development.


  • Is a Service: MS has provided a service?
  • Your data: You must have data, and heterogeneous sources?
  • Time and Expense: MS has reduced your time and cost?


Anne Frances Owen in PowerApps documentation says:

In PowerApps, you can manage organizational data by running an app that you created or that someone else created and shared with you. Apps run on mobile devices such as phones, or you can run them in a browser by opening Dynamics 365. You can create an infinite variety of apps – all without learning a programming language such as C#.


  • Manage Organizational Data: You must have organizational data?
  • Without learning a programming language: You can work/develop/use PowerApps where you don’t have to be a programmer.
  • Apps run on hand-handled (not only mobile) device and in browser: Care shouldnt be taken is your device a iPhone or android phone or windows phone or in a browser! Voila!

Another website highlights:

PowerApps is an initiative by Microsoft that allows developers and nontechnical users to build mobile applications from selectable templates. Using Microsoft Azure, the platform as a service offering, and built-on development tools that target nontechnical users (this suite of tools was formerly known as Project Siena), users can create, manage and share business apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Microsoft rolled out PowerApps in late 2015.


  • Developers and nontechnical users to build Mobil apps: So, to develop an App we don’t need to be super hero programmer/developer!
  • The platform as service: Sometimes its solution and sometimes its service. I believe it’s a solution platform that provides service for the business.
  • Users can create, manage and share business Apps on different platforms: Though the pioneer of this platform is MS, but you can build and use apps in any device. I recall Office-97 couldn’t be installed in Unix!


Benjamin Niaulin, from ShareGate says this:

At the moment, PowerApps is a cloud only solution, with a Windows Store App and iOS app, as well as a browser enabled web application. It’s clear to me that it will stay a cloud-only product; however, I imagine it will allow you to connect to On-Premises content, specifically SharePoint, in the long run.


  • A cloud solution: I liked the most, yes it’s a cloud solution with data in cloud.
  • Browser enabled web application: Interestingly its an app platform but browser friendly in web!
  • Connect to On-Premise content (in the long run): Hmm… something fishy! Cloud solution will connect On-Premise content!


I am quoting from Ravi Chandra’ Blog:

In the recent year, Software industry is changing rapidly and everything is moving towards cloud. People use multiple devices, multiple enterprise applications for their work and wants to have easy integration between them. For all these queries, Microsoft introduced PowerApps, a new enterprise service that empowers users to connect, create and share business apps with team members on any device in minutes. Also, it aligns well with Microsoft new mantra “Mobile first, cloud first


  • Enterprise Service: MS provided a service
  • Share business apps: You can share your business apps within your organizational stakeholders.


Wesley Darling says in his post:

PowerApps allows you to easily create and share apps from existing data sets, no coding necessary. These data sets include cloud-stored Excel files, SharePoint Lists, and SQL Azure Tables.  Apps are conveniently optimized for both mobile and desktop use and present your information in a legible, highly-visible format. PowerApps enables firms of all sizes and resource capabilities to create their own line-of-business apps. Examples of PowerApps range from anything as simple and short-lived as an employee survey or event-signup app, to something much more complex and integral to day-to-day business, such as mobile based CRM or ERP apps that would connect directly to on-premises systems.


  • Existing data sets: Before creating Apps your data need to exist.
  • No coding necessary: This is big, hassle free apps development, if you can read English you can create business apps. Rather than programming language, you need to know English language in the first place.
  • Own line-of-business apps: Business is the only moto of the PowerApps? Yes it is.


Yes I agree I have copied the content and brought them before you, I am sorry again but again intention is different. So much have been read and all ideas about PowerApps are in plance. Now I want to conclude by my own with copied gem words!

Here we go with waht is PowerApps:

A cloud based solution platform offering enterprise services where you can build apps regardless you are a software developer or a philosopher with your cloud based organizational data to represent own line of business without spending enormous time and exorbitant cost. Having built that apps, you can run and share apps with your organizational business stakeholders that is accessible from web browser to any hand-held devices from anywhere if you are connected with internet to keep yourself up to date.

At this point of time, I am pretty sure it should make sense.

My Two Cents

You should hurry to grab PowerApps

  1. If you have less data entry: Data entry in a tiny device is always cumbersome!
  2. If you need quick decision making: Approve/Reject/Need More Info type action.
  3. If you need instant notification: If you need instant business updates.
  4. If you need aggregated info at a glance: Minimized form of dashboard where you want to drill down info.
  5. If you need collaborative info: You want to do business in an ultra-collaborative modality.
  6. If you need instant decision making: Responsibility wise independent decision making, no delay for someone!

When you should deeply think before going to PowerApps

  1. If your business data is not on the cloud.
  2. If you have business with huge data entries.
  3. If you have document management system, so many attachment on the plate.
  4. If you have tabular presentation of data with huge records.